CoinMarketCap Adding Liquidity Metric

CoinMarketCap released an article back on August 30th of this year. The article stated a brief summary of the metric system that had been implemented. To get a more accurate ranking for crypto currencies. They also expressed they would be adding a Liquidity metric on November 12th of this year. Their goals behind this metric change were as follows.

  • Fair: Level playing field for all

  • Objective: Metric is data-driven

  • Public Good-optimizing: Incentive for more liquid markets

As most of us already know this is a huge deal for XRP. Why? Because XRP is by far the most liquid asset. I believe this will really level the playing field like they said. Expressing a more accurate representation of volume! I snapped a screen shot of the paragraph related to this information. I will also leave a link below to the full article. Peace!!

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-Nick Lind

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