My Reflection Blog

One of my favorite assignments would have to be writing the Negative Response. I think I enjoyed it the most because something that never really crossed my mind. After completing the assignment I realized how important of skill this actually is. Knowing how to write in a professional manner for anything is vital to your success.

One concrete skill I learned this month is proper formatting. For every letter, response, or business inquiry there is a specific format you should try to follow. Using google or another search tool to find the correct format may be essential. When a professional receives a letter its almost like a first impression. I will carry this skill on for the rest of my life

I received a lot of valuable information throughout this course. One piece of information I received is that I should always check for spelling mistakes. This is really good advice for may reasons. one fo them is that you don't want to look unintelligent to the recipient. I always triple check my work now.

This course really helped me find my professional voice. I will admit I'm not perfect. I write information on social media that I sometimes regret. But I feel this class actually changed the way I think about it. It's always important to think before you talk. You should do the same before you write also. What a great class to be a part of.

-Nick Lind