We Should Tokenize The XRP Ledger Itself

The XRP Ledger

I think if we tokenized all assets on the XRP Ledger; it would make life easier for everyone. Creating specific standard tokens for Gold, Silver, and Real Estate etc... But what if we tokenized the Ledger itself? We could be investing in the technology of the Ledger ecosystem. It's almost like being able to invest in the Engine software that runs a video game. Im sure this has been mentioned before. But it's always great to have a discussion about these ideas.

If you were to ask me "How I see Crypto Currency expanding in the next 10-20 years."? I would tell you that I see mass adoption. I see a world where everyone is connected through not only the internet but a globally used Ledger. Im hoping it's the XRPL. But whatever we decide to use as a standard it will be amazing. For everyone in the world to be able to invest, trade, and do instant transactions. It really is a game changer.

David Schwartz

I think digitally tokenizing everything only makes sense. If you think it makes sense as well then make sure to comment below. Let's open the discussion. Id like to hear other ideas from The XRP Army! Peace

-Nick Lind

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