What to expect leading up to Swell in 2019?

Hello my fellow comrades! I hope all is well in the XRP community. I would like to talk a little bit about what we should expect leading up to this Swell event in Singapore. There is a lot of speculation about XRP and what Ripple will reveal this year at Swell. One thing we do know is that Ripple for the first time ever has invited many youtube influencers and investors. But why??

I guess we will have to wait and find out. But my best guess is that Ripple is now trying to market the hell out of their ecosystem. Which makes a lot of sense. Considering they have been making strategic partnerships for years. It seems just like yesterday Ashton Kutcher was giving 4 million dollars in XRP to Ellen Degeneres for her Gorilla foundation. A lot of people seem to have forgot about that. At least some of the newer members of this beautiful community.

But now we see Ripple really ramping up. With platforms like Coil using XRP for micro-transactions. Money Gram using XRP for liquidity, and even a very well made family friendly Ripple commercial!! Also this recent Justin Bieber Instagram story showing "runs on ripple" in the background. Theres a lot to be excited about but whats next?

Well I guess most of us expect a nice pump from XRP. It only makes sense with all the great news and marketing coming from Ripple. Do I think the pump will lead to a large bull run? Possibly... It really depends on how it all plays out. We need to wait for the official announcements at swell. If the news is that we are really diving into using the utility of XRP; then we can expect a nice bull run.

As a long term HODLR myself I guess it doesn't really matter what happens to the price this year. But it would be nice to see XRP step up a little bit. It's by far the best digital currency for its purpose. I guess we can only hope for great news! That being said there is still one thing that is really slowing down our momentum. REGULATION!

Most of us know that Ripple is one of the only development companies that is following the national regulations. Brad Garlinghouse really emphasizes this point when he speaks on behalf of Ripple. It is important they follow the guidelines. They really want to create a level playing field and thats just what they are doing. The sooner that congress announces that XRP is not a security; the sooner we can see some gains from massive adoption. Even Brad Garlinghouse stated that "Money Gram called Ripple wanting to ramp up the usage of XRP". But Ripple is very serious about SEC giving them the green light.

At the end of the day it looks like XRP is just a steaming volcano ready to explode. With Ripple recently moving their headquarters to Washington DC. There really seems to be a lot happening behind the scenes. I guess the only thing to do is stack more XRP and wait...

-Nick Lind

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