Why I think XRP is A Great Investment

Im not here to convince anyone to invest in XRP. Im simply here to give my insight and share information that I have researched. I feel that it would be very selfish to not communicate what I've learned. Because over the past 6 months I have jumped down the rabbit hole so many times. But I have never been so sure about something in my entire life. That XRP will be the standard global bridge currency for all money transactions.

I know it sounds like a conspiracy to some. But for a small group of early investors it looks more like a reality. With the ability to communicate with billions of people all over the world; the internet has provided us with infinite-instant-information. The opportunity to converse and learn from great minds everywhere. It's a beautiful thing and a great time to be alive.

But let's get into the facts about crypto currency. Because it's technically "fresh technology" and still being adopted and developed. It can be kind of confusing to the masses. I hear people like Peter Schiff always bashing bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Saying it was created "out of thin air" and "only valued because of speculation". Although this is true his intentions behind what he's saying is negative. That he thinks that "crypto is not a smart investment". But I totally disagree for many reasons. Everything we have created comes from thin air. It's an idea that develops into existence. We all give value to what we agree is valuable. But crypto isn't just a number. Its high-tech cryptographic code (software). Solving real world problems!

I think XRP will be the standard coin for its use case. The bridge asset for global transactions. Tapping into the largest market in the world. Currency! Most of us understand that our current financial system is coming to an end. Global economic inflation is higher than ever. We have printed too much money and theres no going back. Credit and Debit cards are essentially a security for everyone. Payments take weeks and sometimes even months to clear. So whats the next evolution of value?

XRP You Know Me!

Crypto Currency!

It's not a secret that XRP is currently the fastest and most reliable coin. Being able to clear a payment in 3-4 seconds anywhere in the world in any currency. Sounds nice doesn't it? I mean... aren't we able to talk instantly on the web? It was only a matter of time before we upgraded our financial system. Giving everyone access to send value peer to peer anonymously anytime and anywhere.

The development company Ripple really cares about the XRP ecosystem. Not only do they work hard on expanding the XRP ecosystem through RippleNet. They take pride in working with regulators to follow the rules. This may not be what you wanted. But from an investment standpoint it's exactly what you want to hear. A technology eliminating our archaic system that will save banks and consumers trillions of dollars. One thats 100% compliant with the US Laws.

XRP is in the best possible position out of all other crypto currencies for its use case. Companies like MoneyGram are already using XRP for liquidity. American Express and SBI are some of the earliest partners. But what is it besides the technology and partnerships that really gives me confidence in Ripple and XRP? It's the small details naked to the average eye. Like the former US Treasury employee Susan Friedman being hired by Ripple. To work in the International Policy Counsel department. The move by Ripple placing one of their office headquarters into Washington DC. The inevitable collapse of our economy is more than enough to understand the bigger picture. When it comes to utility and fixing a global issue; XRP is the answer.

The XRP Army <3

We are witnessing the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. You either choose to be a part of it. Or miss out on a life changing opportunity. Besides, when has anybody every succeeded without taking a risk? Peace!

-Nick Lind

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